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About us

Founded over forty years ago, the specialized employment agency Horizon-travail is a non-profit organization (NPO) whose primary mission is to provide services tailored to the placement and continued employment for person with disabilities, in particular persons who are visually impaired and people with mental health problems. Conseil d’administration Le conseil d’administration des membres pour 2011-2012 sont:

  • Benoit Guilbault, President
  • Pietro Bozzo, Vice-president
  • Sylvain Thomas, Treasurer
  • Luc Labbé, Secretary and General director

Équipe Les membres de l’équipe sont:LL_Web

    •  Luc Labbé, General Director


    •  Elein Charlebois, Executive Assistant


    • Marie-Lyne Pion, EC


    • Leila Lazri, EC


    • Atika Amiri, EC


  • Biliana Nalbantska, EC

EC: Employment Counselor