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People with disabilities often feel that they have no professional future and no possibility of financial autonomy. Consequently, they become isolated. Longer their inactivity, more bleak looks their future. It is therefore essential to quickly detect the problem and guide such people to the specialized employment services offered by Horizon-travail that focuses on motivation actions and development of their full potential, having as goal a successful career on the job market.

Professionals offering Employment Services

Are you working for a local employment center (CLE) and are looking for services geared to meeting the employability needs of a person with disability? Horizon-travail, the specialized organization offering employment services is an external resource and a partner of Emploi-Québec Agency to which you can immediately refer participants through the computerized system providing services to individuals (MSI).

Professional services to the community

If you are a counsellor working for a community resource center and are looking for services tailored to meet the employability needs of a person with disability, click on refer a participant and / or contact one of our consultants by phone at 514-933-1141.

Rehabilitation professional

If you are a rehabilitation counsellor working for the CSST or a private insurer and you have the responsibility to support people with disabilities to ensure their successful journey towards reintegration into the labour market, contact immediately one of our advisors to learn more about our targeted approach services, by calling 514-933-1141 and / or by email.