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Can you find me a job?
Answer: To find a job, it requires work and our goal is to prepare you to overcome all the obstacles that may stand on your way toward employment. With a teamwork based on your motivation, our expertise and the implementation of a results-based plan of action, you increase your chances of finding a job at the level of your talents, skills, and aspirations.

Do you have a bank of employers open to hiring people with disabilities?
Answer: Based on the sector of economic activity and the type of job sought, we can refer you to employers who are open to hiring people with disabilities, but also and especially to employers seeking your skills. In addition, we regularly receive job offers from employers who have been made aware of the opportunity to recruit and hire people with disabilities.

I am over 50 years old, how can I convince an employer to hire me?
Answer: Employers are increasingly open to recruit and hire people aged 50 or older. If you have a strong motivation, talent, and skills to offer and if your action plan is well targeted, then you have increased chances of finding a job regardless of your age.

I want to become self-employed or start a business; can you help me with my project?
Answer: Creating your own job is a project of integration in the labour market in which we can invest. Upon confirmation of your eligibility, we can assist you in accessing programs and measures supporting entrepreneurship among people with disabilities.

I have not worked for some years; can it affect my job search?
Answer: A more or less extended absence from the labour market will not affect your search for a job if you can show the prospective employers that your skills are adequate to the competency profile they seek.

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