About us

Since 1965, we have been helping people living with disabilities by facilitating their integration and retention in the labour market.

Learn more about our mandates, team and values.


Our mission: 

We aim to actively contribute to the integration and professional development of people living with visual impairment or mental illness.

We provide our participants with a wide range of professional services that help to break down prejudices about workers living with a visual impairment or mental illness. Our mission is to ensure that our participants feel socially and professionally valued, while at the same time addressing labour shortages.


Our goal : 

  • To be the leader in employability for people with disabilities actively seeking employment, and to assist employers in the recruitment process;
  • To develop work opportunities to make the labour market inclusive.


Our values: 

Our personalized approach is based on 4 values:

  1. Commitment
  2. Excellence
  3. Creativity
  4. Collaboration


Our story:

In 1996, our consulting centre for employment was recognized as an important partner by the Ministère du Travail, de l’Emploi et de la Solidarité sociale du Québec (MTESS) thanks to our leading expertise.

As a result, thousands of people with visual impairments or mental illness have been able to integrate the job market and remain employed.

Our administration board

Tommy Théberge




Sandrine Tselikeme



Wassyla Hadjabi




Stephanie Meza Cigarroa



Schahnez Hadjabi



Luc Labbé


An experienced manager, Mr. Labbé has been the Executive Director of Horizon-travail since 2005. He understands the realities of people with disabilities, as he himself has a visual impairment. His approach is focused on concrete results.

Our team

Luc Labbé

Executive Director

514 933-1141 Extension 222 | luc.labbe@horizon-travail.org

Gabriela Carranza

Project Manager

514 933-1141 Extension 227 | carranza@horizon-travail.org

Atika Amiri

Specialized Integration Advisor

514 933-1141 Extension 225 | atika.amiri@horizon-travail.org

Leila Lazri

Specialized Integration Advisor

514 933-1141 Extension 226 | Leila.lazri@horizon-travail.org

Daphné Savard

Specialized Integration Advisor

514 933-1141 Extension 228 | daphne.savard@horizon-travail.org

Seydou Mbodji

Job Retention Advisor

514 933-1141 Extension 229 | seydou.mbodji@horizon-travail.org

Our vision of work for people with disabilities

A lot can accomplish by focusing on the person’s abilities and actively seeking concrete solutions to integrate them into the labour market! This is a major component of our employment counselling centre.

It is important to understand that people with disabilities are an integral part of the workforce because:

  • A person with a visual impairment or mental illness is not considered to be permanently disabled. Rather, it is the poorly adapted environments that place them at a disadvantage.
  • Workers living with a disability are autonomous and productive when they have access to the appropriate facilities and amenities.

That’s why we believe that by promoting an inclusive and accessible work environment, together we can contribute to the professional development of everyone.

Our approach to work, visual impairment or mental health disorders

We offer an individual and personalised approach, adapted to the abilities and skills of each individual. Our approach covers all stages of integration and job retention.

Our services and approach are tailored to specific needs:

  • For people with a visual impairment, our objective is to propose an integration plan that focuses on technological adaptation of the work environment and accommodations that promote growth and performance in the workplace.
  • For people with mental health issues, we can propose a workplace accommodation plan that helps them to develop their potential while respecting the needs and skills of the participant and the employer’s expectations.

Our intervention model maximizes the full potential of each of our participants, and helps to promote their autonomy and performance at work.