Do I need a medical diagnosis to qualify for your consulting services as a participant?

No. A medical diagnosis is only necessary to access government subsidy programs for people with disabilities. If you consider yourself a person with a visual impairment or mental health issue, you are automatically eligible for our consulting services.

Can you find a job for me?

Yes, with your collaboration.

Our goal is to help you overcome obstacles you may encounter in the labour market and to increase your employment opportunities.

Do you have a bank of employers open to hiring people with disabilities?

Yes. We have developed many trusting relationships with inclusive employers and we will gladly put you in touch with these employers who are hiring.

I am older than 50, can I convince an employer to hire me?

Yes, many employers are open to recruiting and hiring people over the age of 50. If you are motivated, have a well-defined career goal and have talents and skills to offer, you can find a job, regardless of your age.

If I want to become self-employed or start a business, can you help me with my project?

Yes. We believe that starting a business and freelance work is an integral part of the workforce integration process. We can assist you in confirming your eligibility and help you access measures and programs designed to support entrepreneurship for people with disabilities.

If I haven’t had a job in several years, can this affect my job search process?

No. It is important to realize that a more or less prolonged absence from the labour market will not impact your job search as long as you can demonstrate to employers that your skills match the profile they are looking for.

Are grants available?

Yes. Our team assists with the financial assistance application process with government organizations.

What is the Work Integration Contract (WIC)?

This is a grant program to promote the integration and retention of people with functional disabilities. To submit an application, it is important to call on the expertise of our team of professionals recognized by Services Québec.

Must I be a resident of Montreal to be eligible for your services?

Yes and no. For the visually impaired, our services are available to residents of Montreal, the South Shore and the North Shore.*

For clients with a mental health issue, we only serve residents of Montreal.*

*Under our agreements with Services Québec

Do I need to join a waiting list to receive your services?

No. We have no waiting list that limits access to our services.